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Specification and technical characteristics of the flexible cable track

Flexible cable track ARKO is made of glass-filled polyamide. It is possible to customize the production and to make the cable track of self-extinguishing glass-filled polyamide.


Operating temperatures range  from – 30 to +120 °С. The product is resistant to the UV radiation and is suited for being used in the open-air conditions.


Flexible cable track ARKO is highly resistant to alkalies, weak acids, electrolyte fluids, non-polar solvents, saline solutions, and to the exposure and influence of different chemical environments, such as oil, petrol, diesel fuel, hydraulic-brake fluid, etc.  



Main Measurements/Dimensions. Series 22.



Fitting dimensions of mounting brackets.


Orientation options. Series 22.




Main Measurements/Dimensions. Series 35.
At the request of the client in the 35th series it is possible to make with a deflection.




Dividers (vertical dividers) - used to separation the wires in the inner space of the flexible cable track. These dividers can be used with a cable track width of 60 mm or more. The dividers are inserted into the mounting holes for them. With the internal width of the flexible cable track equal to 60 mm. you can mount two dividers, with a width of 80 mm. - three dividers. Dividers ARKODIM made of steel.